#FridayFictioneers 3-16-12

I can’t believe that for once I’m going to be able to do this! So fun and exciting, and a nice way to spend the evening since the hubbs is occupied and dinner isn’t a priority. I know this isn’t Madison’s original photo, but what the hey, it’s on the same subject. Also, a non-fiction. So, here is my #FridayFictioneer !

"Blue Pointer" and tabby kitty fight over a laser dot on the rug
Terra and Elizabeth

Terra salivates when she sees me move the laser pointer. She points, wags, and eyes me hopefully. I roll my eyes and click the laser on. Terra hops, bolts after the red dot. Up the stairs, down the stairs, into the kitchen, back to living room. Elizabeth ambushes, holding on behind Terra’s ears, dangling over her nose. Terra stands stiff and still, waiting. Elizabeth flies onto the floor again, batting at the light. Terra runs away, then points to the laser. Both pets stare. Neither can catch it, a thing that isn’t even really there, but they both long after.

About the pets:

Terra is a blue heeler x pointer(?) mix mutt we got from my haircutter who was giving away the last of her parent’s puppies from the farm. This was in October ’11. She was too meek to make a good cow dog (probably why she was the last one remaining in the litter) and was highly picked-on by the other dogs; my friend had to get the sneak on the 12-week-old pup. Terra submissively peed over her and tried to squirm away. You can imagine what I was thinking when I was handed a mostly-wild, wet pup who was intent on escape, but I’d spent my whole life handling frightened animals. After only a few seconds in my arms, she started relaxing. We talked with the grandpa of the farm. After several minutes, the family pet wanted me to pet him and tried to cozy up to my thigh. The puppy saw his advance and snarled. She’s got the mentality of a 3 or 4 year old child (my friends have them, so I have a good comparison) and the energy of a lightening bolt. Thankfully, she is not a destruct-a-puppy and does not like to chew on stuff. Terra is now 8 months old (or so) and understands the basic subject-verb-direct object sentence. She knows over 24 commands and thinks that she has to be with me at all times.

Elizabeth is the family’s dream cat. We were living in a tiny apartment and Terra was only 16 or 20 weeks old when one of the stray cats got into another row with the landlord’s cat in the hallway. These fights had woken up Terra twice (I had to work hard to get her tired), and I was not willing to let another fight wake her again. I opened the door and called one in. The stray came in, sized up a very cat-obsessed (read: overly loving and affectionate),  hyper and immature puppy, and decided to stay. We named her, and discovered kitty and puppy are the same age. They’re sisters now. My cousin came over with her crawling baby girl, and we were delighted to see that Elizabeth purred while having her tail gummed and her ears pulled (my cousin did all she could to discourage this, but I was very happy to see kitty’s response).

While I’m writing this, Terra is bringing me her toys (herding instinct) and kitty is hiding behind boxes, readying the next strike. I’m just glad our cockatiel is munching on a millet sprig instead of screeching. He has a bit of a love affair with the kitty, and he doesn’t have a clue she is a femme fatale.

Till next time!

Your Dearest Nicolette


14 thoughts on “#FridayFictioneers 3-16-12

  1. What a great picture. And such a cool name. Bobbie Sue looks a lot like Terra. My grandfather raised Texas Walkers and they are a character of their own. Loved your story. Looks like your going to have tons of stories to write about them.Thanks for posting on mine.


  2. LOL. What a cute picture and story. I did not realize dogs also like the laser pointers. I really like the end about how it’s nothing tangible, but they want it sooo badly. 🙂

  3. Great retelling of events. I love playing with my pets, getting them all riled up and watching them dance. Thanks for sharing, Nicolette. 🙂

    1. Yeah…life around here is very entertaining (and busy) from 7-11. The cat’s favorite thing is to ride the puppy. It was overwhelming at first, but it’s fun now. I’m glad you enjoyed the tale.

  4. This is so cute!
    Laser must have driven the two things crazy! lol!
    Your choice of words made the whole scene come to life.
    This is a very good piece of writing!


  5. Haha, we used to play with ours with a laser, too, and they loved it. But they were small inside dogs, not the outside ones. I don’t think Bobbie Sue and Badger would bother with the laser dot. Thanks for sharing your pets with us!

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