Making time to write

We all know it can be challenging, but if you are passionate about writing, you will make the time to do it. But, writing isn’t only about writing. It is also about thinking and planning. …and taking advantage of good weather to let your mind wander while you are doing mundane tasks, such as digging up large-ish portions of the lawn to get rid of a noxious weed. And reading. Actually, I just read The Emperor’s Edge by Lindsay Buroker, and I read it up in a night. That says volumes about a book. So, I’ll have to write up a proper review for it soon.

Meanwhile, I need to stop this post and go do some grunt labor stinging up bird netting over fish ponds. Whee, not so much fun, but hey, I’m not complaining about getting any sort of work.

Better posts coming back soon, I promise.



2 thoughts on “Making time to write

  1. I am so looking forward to opening up my garden and waterfall. I overwinter my Koi inside and they are getting a little cramped in the 75 gallon stock tank. Also, looking forward to writing outside once the temp gets up a few more degrees.

    1. I agree about writing outside!!! And that is a good size stock tank. I can’t stand to watch after anything more than a 2 gallon beta vase. Right now, I’m doing my best to get the flower beds in shape so I can just plant when the time comes.

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