General Update

Hello, My Fine Readers Who Are The Best In All The World:

I’m sure you’ve noticed my update frequency is returning, though still a little scattered. Most of the remodeling is done: the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom. We’re still installing the dishwasher. And we still need to fix up the dining nook and the laundry room. We are also mostly unpacked and sorted, though my bike still resides by the window in the living room. I’m certain you’ve noticed that there are more posts, sometimes daily, sometimes not. I have busy days and not so busy days, which I know is normal for anyone but what I mean is CRAZY and lazy, due to when we have materials and the boss-man available.

Anywho, expect more reliable updates soon. I’m feeling more optimistic because there have been two whole clerical jobs available in the paper that I’m applying for, and my parents are hiring me to catch-up on their books. Ever notice that more writing comes when you’re feeling better about the world (let’s no go into Poe territory here, please…he’s kinda freaky in his beauty)? Let’s just say that I’ve discovered I tend to write multiple posts at once, and have decided to schedule them throughout the week. It’s my experiment for next week.

In summary: Expect daily posts next week, the way I promised a month ago!

Yay for the extenuating circumstances clause in the New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy Writing (and Reading),

Your Dearest Nicolette


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