In Which Remodeling is a Full Time Job

Imagine that.

Well, the basic is that yesterday we got my brothers’ junk moved into an upstairs bedroom, got the shopvac out and sucked up lots of nasty spiders and their nests and webs. Then today we picked out paint colors, found a fridge, and did research/investigation of prices of materials in town. I’m exhausted now. I have almost no creative energy. Oh wait, I take that back. I have energy enough to try to piece together bits of the Old West Architecture (read: narrow and short counters) with modern appliances…Anyhow, I decided to start another, temporary blog to document remodeling on a budget and time constraints. Bedrock is the name of the farm, as it sits on a giant gravel pit.

Oh, yes. We also had to make an emergency run into the vet for our cute little tabby cat.  She’s had diarrhea since we took her in, and decided that it’s been too long (3 weeks) and she needed to be tested for dysentery and possible get antibiotics. While there we asked the vet if he thought she was spayed and he said he didn’t think so…sigh. Hoping she’s too young to be pregnant. I think so. She was malnurioushed and everything. So she’s on special, expensive cat food now eating probiotics and antibiotics and enjoying a shaved tummy. Meanwhile Miss Terra the “blue pointer” is going in to get spayed on Thursday morning. No puppies. We can handle kittens but no puppies, we’re getting that nipped before those thoughts drift in her little head.

Busy days. Tomorrow is painting. So I don’t do double-posting, I’ll just update the Bedrock Project. Hope life returns to relative normality within a week.

Till later,

Your Dearest Frazzel-Haired, Bleary-Eyed Nicolette


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