Why New Years Resolutions Suck

Not because I can’t keep them, (I will! I must!) but because I feel like the protagonist in a novel and the author keeps throwing up all these curveballs at me. I try to not include too much of my personal life in this blog, but I will include details when they directly influence my devoted and loyal readers.

The first thing is that we are moving. That is enough to throw off most people. But not only are we moving, we are moving to a house that..um..we need to fix the inlet pipe  to get water to the house. It has electricity. We also need to get a pellet stove for heating. And a new oven. And a microwave. And do lots of painting. And fixing. And probably tear up the 70’s green shag carpet in the hopes that the wood floors are still polished underneath. And hope that that spongy section under the shag is a small door that goes to the cellar, and is not a rough-cut attempt to hide a body.

I do know this house well. My parents bought a second farm while I was in high school, and I spent a couple of summers painting the outside and helping with the roofing so they could insure it. The hubbs and I are moving in, and instead of paying rent we’re providing labor to update the place. This is all because the hubbs was laid-off due to budget cuts, and as I don’t have a job that pays well enough to pay for rent, well…we’re making do.

I still plan on lots of writing, don’t worry. I’ve been planning out the next novel.

It is just going to be difficult to update the blog, in part because I don’t think we’re going to have internet in this new house. However, I will have my phone-service internet, and my parents are a five-minute drive away and they have decent-ish internet. So, if I type up my posts first in Oo Writer, then copy-paste into the blog, I should be good. Yes, that is the plan.

I shall succeed, no matter what the great author in the sky throws at me! Three days ago it was a utility trailer with all my stuff in it 8 miles outside of West Yellowstone. Did I not mention that’s why there haven’t been posts lately? Ooops. Yeah, sorry. Our trailer fishtailed and sent us into the snowbank of oncoming traffic. No damage to the truck. Trailer was totalled. Puppy thought the ride was fun, then proceeded to “protect” me from the volunteers, the ranger, and the sheriff. Idiot foreigner slid his rental car into our trailer and drove off (I’m sure your country uses flashing lights, you jerkwad). We had to work out a deal with Uhaul in a town 80 miles away (on ice rink roads) to get a car trailer so we could take our dead trailer back with us. Yeah. That was two days I’d never want to live ever again. I won’t mention what our kitty threw on the walls in an angry fit over us being 3 days late.

So, yes! Please be understanding if my posts aren’t as reliable as you and I wish for them to be.

Till Later!

Your Dearest Nicolette.


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