New Year’s Organizational Plan for this Blog

Doing a daily freewrite got to be a bit much as far as forcing myself to organize everything right. I don’t want this blog to become purely about my ramblings, nor purely about educational matters, and I still want to post free short stories for my devoted readers (who keep on making my stats go up, I love you all very much!).

I’m going to do all of them.

My plan is to do 3 freewrites a week, 1 educational post, and 1 update post. I think that is a fair balance.

I have 12 writing-related “educational” posts planned out in one of my new notebooks. It is dedicated to everything blog, you’re welcome I am using a Christmas present for this. Also, as a side note, you might be a writer if everyone gives you a notebook for Christmas…and you LOVE it.

Um, yeah, I’ve about said what I needed to say, but I just want to add in here how ecstatic I am to have received 3 120-page notebooks and a set of ballpoints from Mom and Dad, a beautiful hardbound 120-pager from my husband, and two journals and another set of ballpoints from my MIL (mother in law). I am thrilled, simply thrilled. Also very happy and eager about the drawing books and art sketch pad Mom gave me, and the set of 50 oil pastels I bought for myself. I plan to use them to make a new, beautifully illustrated cover for Feral Magic.

Also, I am celebrating 3 book sales and 1 book lending. Yes! People, keep on lending those books, I mean it!!!

I think that translates into one latte? Just kidding…kind of.

Anyhow, Till Later My Noble and Devoted Readers!

Your Dearest Nicolette.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Organizational Plan for this Blog

  1. As I am told frequently by my better half, “Organization is Key”. Getting my writing habit in order is an ongoing challenge. However, it does seem to be getting better.

    Have you tried writing with a fountian pen? An attorney friend turned me on to them recently and now I am hooked. there seems to be a mystique that happens when I write with one that makes the words flow.

    1. I try to set aside an hour a day, which works great except for these last two weeks when I’ve been working 70-80 hours a week in order to get our new home in liveable condition. It’s all about trying organizing strategies and figuring out what works for your lifestyle, personality, and creative drive.

      Fountain pens! I do so love my fountain pens, particularly the ones with cartridges! Sadly, I’ve moved 4 times in 10 months, and my nice pens are “safe” in a box buried beneath the other boxes, so right now I’m using whatever No. 2 pencil, ballpoint, or sharpie that comes into my hands. But you’ve reminded me I should dig them out.

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