My Christmas Gift to the World

…is my book Feral Magic. I hath finished it, I hath finished the cover art, and I hath seen so much of it I could vomit and hide under the blankets for the next week. Alas, the image appearing in my Kindle App is…erm…a test image, and I can’t figure out why. My guess is that my app has cached its image and considers it done. And I found the files but the names are all weird and I’d have to do a lot of opening files to find out which one was my cache–that is assuming that I am correct. Bleh. Which I might not be.

So I’m sending the file to my hubbs. If he opens it and the correct cover appears, we are good. Speaking of covers, why don’t I show it to you for kicks and giggles?


EDIT: We are good! It even showed the correct image for me! Hooray!

And I got it submitted and it is “publishing”, so it should be available any hour now!

And that’s all folks! I’m getting ready to hit the road in 7 hours….

Till Later,

Your Dearest Nicolette


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