Title Change

…I know, again! But the title is the one thing everyone will read, so I ought to make it count. I’ve decided to call my novel “Feral Magic”, in part because the main character’s name is Feraline, in part because feral means “having escaped domestication and become wild”, as is what has basically happened to her magic. Sorceresses with feral magic are considered by that society to be both brilliant and dangerous, more often feared than revered.  It also helps to encompass the overall idea that no matter how well-laid your personal plans are, they are going to be scattered to the wind.

And I wasn’t hooked on it at first. The husband told me three times he liked “Feral Magic” best of my ideas, and after I thought about it, it makes sense. So, yay! No more switching, I promise. It took the storyline a while to fully develop so I could accurately pinpoint a nutshell title.

Till later, my very tolerant readers!

Your Dearest Nicolette.


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