The Editing Blahs

All of us writers know the feeling. We know the exhaustion, the lower back pain, the unneeded snapping  at spouses and pets who distract us from deciding if a comma belongs right there.

I do feel accomplished that I got my manuscript printed, and I am feeling better that I also got it hand-edited. Now I need to get the typed edits done. Can I hope that will take a day? Or will it take two full ones? I was hoping to fix minor wording problems and mend one transition. Instead, I found that I had three or so scenes I hadn’t even written. Yes, I just wrote, “asdfghjkl” as a placeholder, or at least it was somesuch nonsense similar to that. Ugh. I annoy myself sometimes. Whatever, I wrote in all but one scene by hand and now I hopefully have the entire story in one contiguous line of thought.

Except that I want to go through my first three chapters with a very, very heavy hand to make it match the style and voice of the rest of the book. I think I would feel better if I knew I was not alone in this tendency to skip vital scenes.

I get too engrossed in my projects. I really, really do. Lunch was a soda and two carrots. At least they were the big ones. And now it is time to make dinner. Whee, isn’t life fun? Sorry, I’m being kinda whack-job-y. This is what 154 pages of 1.5 spaced, 0.25″ margined text does to you if you push too hard and too fast.

Anyhow! Not to discourage any aspiring writers reading my blog. It is just that I am fortunate to have dinner to go make from scratch, as it will pry me away from my manuscript (and computer) and make me do something physical.

Talk to you fine folks later.

…maybe I’ll give you guys another chapter, or an excerpt of the text for tomorrow’s freebee.

Till later,

Nicolette Jinks.


3 thoughts on “The Editing Blahs

  1. I’ve done that too. I go back over my manuscript, thinking it’ll be an easier task than I’ve pictured, and in RED BOLD UNDERLINED is a note: “make sure you do ___ in this scene” and things like ” consider deleting this bit and re-writing.”

    Eek! What? I really got that lazy and just entered in a cheap-shot-way to get past the tricky bit?

    Naughty me. Leaving all of the dirty work for the future me.

    P.S. It wasn’t worth it — just as unpleasant to fix up.

    1. Boy do I believe it! And I totally used the do the “make sure you do _____ right here” notes, but I told myself I would not do that this time. So I suppose I just didn’t write the scene at all. 😛 When I saw that, I thought, “Really, past me, you really just did that?” Worst cop-out ever!

      Your post made me laugh. It was a “hooray, all my family can’t make me feel like a weirdo for using Word’s highlight features and making notes to myself anymore” laugh. It was also a “oh man, have I been there, too” laugh.

      Thanks for making my day!

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