Home Sweet Home

Back home in Wells after Turkey Day, Black Friday, Cattle Work Saturday, and Driving Sunday spent with the folks. I am morosely behind on NaNo–I’m at just under 40k words, and I should be at like 45k words.  I will make it up tonight. We have Terra down for a nap in her kennel, our fireplace heater plugged in and heating, and my love rubbed my back and shoulders and brewed me a pot of green/black bachelor button tea.

I will tell you folks more later about our very good and very busy visit. Imagine: parents, two brothers, husband, puppy, parents’ two senior dogs, parents’ two cats, three bedrooms, one turkey, and a whole lot of beating each other to the bathroom. Then there is the farm and all the critters that belong there. Good visit, and it is confirmed Terra is quite protective of me. We need to teach her the word “friend”.

So, talk to you fine readers later.

I have NaNo to write.

Affectionately yours, Nicolette Jinks.


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