Behind on NaNo, and New, Shiny Power Chord!

Imagine that, computers need power to run!!! And I need access to a computer to type to make a story for NaNoWriMo! The sheer profoundness of that profoundity is astonishing!

So…two or three mornings ago, I discovered, much to my shock and awe that my power chord was sending up tendrils of smoke and  smelling like burning rubber. Hmm…was that the chord, or was it a problem with my jack in the computer case? Opting for the more likely candidate, my hubbs ordered us a new chord while he was at work. See, while Terra the puppy was running around, she knocked his computer off the table and broke the power jack. So, it turns out we live in practically the only town with people capable (or willing) to sauder a new jack in his case. For about three days we were utterly computer-less (not counting my wii and android phone). And we were deeply grateful for my still-active amazon prime student account. 🙂

So, we sent the chord 2-day shipping to my parents address, had turkey day with them, went Black Friday shopping with my brother while Mom watched the puppy, and came home to a chord!

So…yeah. Gonna start getting caught back up on NaNo now…

Just wanted another post. First one in like, a week? Yeah…normalcy will resume now that craziness is near its end.

Your patience is appreciated.

Your Dearest Nicolette.


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