Why the Phrase “Time is Money” is Balogna

…and Balogna is such an odd word…just saying…

While writing, I used to weigh how much time I used writing, and how many copies of a book I’d have to sell to make up for it, and how financially it just wasn’t worth it, really.


Time is free. Your puppy or kitten does not pay you for the time spent playing with it. You don’t charge your significant other. Uncle Sam doesn’t say, “I’m taxing you for spending xxx many hours on your hobby.” Unless you make money on it, which most people don’t. I’m just saying.

Would I make more money working at Burger King than I would by publishing a couple novels? Sure, I would. At least, unless something miraculous happens and I’m suddenly popular or my fans decide to buy multiple copies…of an e-book. So what? Which would YOU rather say?

“Oh, I work at BK flipping burgers, but it pays the bills.”


“I’m a novelist. My debut novel is A Drake’s Ward (on Amazon) and I’m halfway through my second novel, Merlyn’s Amulet. I don’t have much money, but I’m managing.”

Gee, I wonder which one potential interviewers would be more impressed with, too. One shows that you can listen and follow directions blindly. The other shows that you are actively seeking out solutions, pursuing your dreams, and figuring out the business world one step at a time. Sure, it takes time. Sure, it’s not as dependable as a low-earning job.

I’ve even got a friend who is starting up an Etsy store selling clay frogs, some with hangers for the wall. I want soooo much to do a nursery with an amazon theme, paint it up with trees and animals, and hang those cute little froggies on the wall. Dude…maybe I will do that for a writing studio. 🙂 Yes, I think that would be fun.

Ahem, back from my tangent. Point is, she’s entering the entrepreneurship industry. She’s got a marketable product, talent, and plenty of smarts to make it work. She even has radical video production skills.

My point is, there are plenty (ooodles and oodles) of college graduates right about my age who entered a workforce where the “old foggies” aren’t retiring because they can’t, the folks 10 years older have stable-ish jobs, and the folks 5 years older have experience that the employers are drooling over. If we don’t do something with our time outside the system, we won’t get far in life. (See The Fable of the Caterpillar for an illustrated example of this point.)

Being “unemployed” really means you now have time. It is time you shouldn’t waste spending 8 hours spamming companies on Monster with resumes. It is time you shouldn’t waste squandering your degree and talent in the grease pit. It IS time you need to dedicate to self-expansion, to starting a business, to learning whatever you wanted to learn when you didn’t have time. If you’re unemployed and depressed, ASK YOURSELF: What did I want to do when I didn’t have the time? And then DO IT.

Hope you found this worthwhile.

Talk to you later, peeps. I have a wicked Thursday (an)Thromorph coming up, “The Old Hanging Tree”, so check in a bit later for that.

From Your Dearest Nicolette.


3 thoughts on “Why the Phrase “Time is Money” is Balogna

    1. Sorry to get you excited! I’m doing the last chapter editing, so I basically consider it done…yeah, I got caught up in the mood. But, finding it should be as simple as a search. I will make a big deal when I get it up, including links, I promise. 🙂

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