Random Update

Hi, folks!

So I heard that some of you were missing my daily freewrites when I kinda went on unofficial hiatus last week. Sorry to disappoint, but at the same time I’m pleased that I’m getting a following! 🙂

Anyhow, my excuses were thus:

1-I was moving, cleaning, unpacking;

2-I was figuring out a schedule with our puppy, Terra, for going outside, playtime, walktime, so on, and then there was a vet visit;

3-NaNoWriMo started up and I had to get back to really writing, you know. I think I’ve reprogrammed myself to where I can upkeep the house, take care of Terra, do NaNo, AND do freewrites!

Oh, I thought I’d share my site stats with you fine ladies and gents.

Site Stats for Nov 8, 2011
My site stats shows growth. 🙂

So, August had 7 hits. September had 23. October had a whopping 42. And we’re already up to 18 this month!

These are the top posts:

Anywho! Such is the status of my humble, little website. I hope to see you fine folks tuning in more often. Remember: Every click brings me a smile.
Have a great day!
From Your Dearest Nicolette.
—back to your regularly scheduled story time—
Nothing else was posted yesterday because my internet decided to go the way of the slug combined with a virtual bomb. So, basically I would load a page, it wouldn’t let me click anything, it would spaz, then promptly task manager would register my browser as non responsive. After several opening/closes, I finally gave up and just typed in Oo Writer.
Not happy. 😦
Internet returned much, much later.
It is back to normal now.
Wish I could say the same about the radiators, apparently the landlord needs a new blower for his furnace.
You read that last bit right. Yes, yes you did.

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