King’s Ransom Characters

Feralyne Hope Swift

The world is a big place with plenty of darkness in it, but Feralyne goes into that darkness to drive out fear and replace it with confidence.  She has faced her fair share of vulnerability and loss, but she is determined to go out of her way to help others in discouraging times. Feralyne is clever and quick, but her true strength is her willingness to do what she believes is right and her refusal to let misfortune stand in her way.


Mordon is a drake, a creature with both a human form and a dragon form. Universally mistrusted by both species, being a drake is a lonely life, but he has made the most of his fortunes and has opened a magical antiquities shop called King’s Ransom. He is the protector of the judges and constable of Merlyn’s Market, and quickly accepts Feralyne as his to support and educate. He will have to help her adjust to her new life and be there for her rollercoaster of unfolding events.

Leif and Lilly

They are the Judge and Jury of Merlyn’s Market, the people vendors and customers alike go to to settle their disputes. Leif promises if the two parties can’t solve a problem themselves, no one will like the crude fairness he and his sister will exact. Lilly discovers wrongs when the victims are too intimidated to speak up, and is known as the more favored judge.

Constable Barnes

Everyone knows you do not want to cause trouble just before mealtimes, as this bulldog of a man grows extraordinarily grouchy once his stomach starts to talk. He takes no talking back from anyone and has been known to soften his words involuntarily when presented a special confection from Miss Juniper’s Chocolates.

Willow “Railey” Fitzgerald

Railey was Feralyne’s needy friend and died tragically while still a child. When Feralyne was wrongly blamed for Railey’s death, Railey took it on herself to be Feralyne’s strength and company when it was most needed.


A gryphon and enchanted scrolls vendor, this poor creature seems constantly sad and fights rumors about cursing a witch to lose all her magic. He denies it too vehemently.


A young wizard who has been having troubles with all his spells backfiring lately, an ailment that sometimes strikes at the least convenient stage of growth and development. He soon looks to Feralyne for advice and support.


Another young wizard with troubles, but for him it’s his choice of snobs who grew up believing the rules never applied to those with enough wealth and power. Feralyne takes no pity on the innocent David when she turns over all the boys for shoplifting.


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